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Business Loans

Affordable Small Business Lines of Credit for Growing Businesses

Oak Tree Financing has partnered with industry professionals, banking institutions and a long list of lenders, venture capitalists, leasing companies, and small business organizations to help increase access to start-up financing for small businesses.

Your certified account specialist will work with you to determine if you meet the criteria for any of our specialized lines of credits, many offering reduced interest rates as low as 0% for up to 15 months. To see if you qualify for small business financing, go to our Application Page or Call 1.800.OAK.0685

  • Objective:
    Provide Quick Access to Business Capital
  • Benefits:
    Quick Application, Low Fees, Personalized Service
  • Scenarios:
    Expand business, Increase Inventory, Cover Payroll

Credit Requirements

The 5 Requirements

Your certified account specialist will guide you through our full Credit Line Requirements once you apply. Before you get started, learn about our basic Credit Line Requirements to qualify for financing.

Interest Rates /Fees

Learn about the rates and fees that are part of securing and using your line of credit.

Introductory Interest Rate

Typical terms include up to 15 months with 0% financing.
*rates may vary per client and institution

Ongoing Interest Rate

Competitive, fixed annual interest rates after the 15 months range from 8.99% to 15.99%.
*rates may vary per client and institution

Fee Upon Successful Financing

If our team of underwriters is able to secure financing for you via one or more lines of credit, there will be an additional 7.5% fee collected directly by the underwriters based on the amount secured. The minimum amount of this fee is $300, plus your custom processing fee.

What Amount is Right?

Your account specialist will work with you to determine what amount of financing best meets the needs of your small business. In order to qualify, you must meet certain credit line requirements and your income must be able to comfortably support the monthly payments.

The chart below shows the approximate monthly payment for common financing amounts and can help you to decide what line of credit is right for your business.

  • Loan Size $5,000 $50/mnth

  • Loan Size $15,000 $150/mnth

  • Loan Size $30,000 $300/mnth

  • Loan Size $50,000 $500/mnth

*Rates above are based on an interest rate of 0%, and detail a monthly payment fee of 1% of the amount financed. Please add a closing fee of 7.5% with a minimum of $300. Your specific payment schedule will be calculated at the time of closing based on the evaluation of your application. This is an example of typical results, actual results will vary per client and institution.