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    Improve Relationships and Generate Efficient Business Growth

Merchant Services

Accepting Electronic Payments, Made Simple

OakTree Financing has partnered with TouchSuite and focuses primarily on boutique merchants striving to seek full financial potential through an assembly of high-caliber services and cutting-edge products that favorably increase enterprise, earnings, and efficiency by syncing with QuickBooks®.

Inexpensive Vendor Rates

By offering equal pricing to both boutique merchants and major merchants with mass purchasing power, OakTree Financing delivers the best rates throughout the USA.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Accept payments anywhere and truly improve ease of use and cost efficiency. Accept major credit cards, debit cards and even checks from your smartphone or tablet.

User-friendly POS system Software

The award-winning TouchSuite UI provides effortless exchanges/returns, automated inventory adjustments, Drag-and-Drop functionality and robust reporting.

Electronic Billing

Convenient payment solutions integrated with electronic invoicing software dramatically reduce costs associated with traditional paper billing and invoicing by as much as 60 – 65%.

Recurring Payment Administration

Effortlessly view client’s outstanding balances, disputes, history and paid statements through the invoice section of the point of sale software.

Gift Card Exchange

The Gift Card Exchange Program accepts customers’ new gift cards as payment from hundreds of influential brands.

QuickBooks® Unification

Streamline your business with QuickBooks® Unification. Featuring QuickBooks® POS V12 & 2015 compatibility and QuickBooks® Online Edition integration.

Extensive Assistance & Access to Resources

Our expert team is ready to assist you every step of the way in addition to providing detailed product resources to assist with Firefly, Salon and Firefly, and Retail systems.

Credit Card and
Merchant Card Services

The right credit card processing system improves relationships between business owners and their customers. Designed, developed, and supported exclusively by OakTree Financing, we single-handedly supply integrated merchant services credit card processing solutions to eliminate third party entities. OakTree Financing ensures secure results to generate efficient business growth.

Whether our customers are new business searching the market or are simply dissatisfied with their current credit card processing setup, OakTree Financing offers affordable rates that promise to price match all competitors. Each OakTree Financing customer is valued by reducing expenses through substantial buying power, made evident through the cost of savings.

Because Security Matters

The right credit card processing system improves relationships between business owners and their customers. Designed, developed, and supported exclusively by OakTree Financing, we single-handedly supply integrated merchant services credit card processing solutions to eliminate third party entities. OakTree Financing ensures secure results to generate efficient business growth.

Why Process Credit Cards with OakTree Financing?

Offering equal pricing to both meager vendors and to major merchants with mass purchasing power, OakTree Financing supplies the most advanced credit card processing technology at the best rates throughout the United States.

Distributing solutions for business transactions in a secure infrastructure with intellectual insight for our vendors is OakTree Financing’s top priority.

Next-Day Funding Available

Get the cash flow to keep your business growing.

Fast Authorizations

Keep clients happy with rocket-fast authorizations.

Customized Solutions

Whatever your business needs are, we can meet them.

Integrated Hardware to Manage Payments

Award-winning hardware solutions to give your business an edge.

Web Interfaces to Manage Payments

Powerful and intuitive web interfaces to manage all of your payments.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Keep customers coming back with gift and loyalty cards.

A Revolution in the Merchant Card Services Industry

Remaining focused on the value and needs of small business owners, OakTree Financing has revolutionized the merchant card services industry.

Known as one of the larger service providers in the country, OakTree Financing buys in bulk, resulting in reduced rates for small-scale merchants. The opportunity to lease equipment is also available, as well as extended warranties and reduced replacement fees.

Revolutionary Benefits

Enjoy the benefits that come with our revolutionary Merchant Card Services.

Meeting Needs of Small Businesses

With the ability to quickly adapt to the latest advancements in electronic payment processing, OakTree Financing stays up-to-date with specialty business fees that VISA and MasterCard are continually changing. Lowered interchange rates contribute to thousands of business dollars saved annually. These lowered rates provide your business with a decisive advantage, allowing you to offer competitive pricing and increase your bottom line.

Saving Money & So Much More

OakTree Financing helps facilitate a company’s main source of revenue by growing the targeted market through gift and loyalty programs. These incentives result in increased sales, returning customers, and enhanced profits. Thriving to provide merchant card services to businesses across the country, OakTree Financing offers pinnacle performance for all prepaid, gift, EBT, debit and credit card processing needs.

Credit Card Terminals

OakTree Financing proudly supplies customers with the highest-quality credit card processing equipment that are currently available, including terminals.

FD130 – EMV Device

EMV Solutions to Meet Every Need

The FD130 Terminal makes it possible to quickly accept payments, and it prepares merchants to accept payments with the newest EMV chip-enabled devices. The Terminal was created by First Data and it is a solution vendors can afford. The FD130 Terminal expertly combines top-notch performance, dependability, and simplicity in a compact credit card processing device, rich with features. What makes the FD130 such a great choice is this terminal is applicable with the industry’s latest standard in security – EMV technology.

Vendors can expect the FD130 Terminal to provide consistent solutions that meet every payment processing need. This includes debit, credit and gift cards, EBT, and personal checks.

FD35 – Pin Pad

Next Generation Pin Pad

Able to support debit cards with pins, traditional card transactions, and tap-and-go purchases with no contact, the FD35 – created by First Data – is the future of PIN pads. This PIN pad can support a wide range of processes for payments initiated by cardholders.

This includes EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa integrated circuit cards) and NFC (Near Field Communication), allowing vendors to start preparing for changes the industry will see in the future, like EMV technology and contactless coupons.

Add-On POS System Peripherals

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10" LCD Tablet

Includes: Windows Embedded Standard 7, WIFI, Bluetooth, Battery, Hand Strap
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Bluetooth Receipt Printer

A True Companion for Mobile Solutions

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Card at Table

higher table turns, less waiting

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2-Line Caller ID

Capable of both inbound and outbound Caller ID capture.

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Online Ordering / Click4Meal

Expand your customer base and accept orders online

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Customer Pole Display

convenient price display for customers

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