• Innovative Restaurant Point-of-Sale System
    Created to Assist with Expanding Your Business

Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS System Design

Oak Tree Financing's innovative and dynamic Restaurant Point-of-Sale system is designed to optimize the acceleration of service and enhance the operations of a restaurant.

Above & Beyond

Out Point of Sale system for restaurants goes above and beyond basic POS capabilities, offering a tremendous assortment of technologies and utilities that create an improved checkout process which in turn increases customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Modernized POS

Created on an innovative platform, the modernized POS operating system delivers exceptional and dependable performance in a secure environment. Extensive administration capabilities and powerful features give your restaurant a serious edge.

Complete Package

Designed on a polished, intuitive interface, Oak Tree's restaurant system includes everything you need including a credit card reader, integrated receipt printer, multiple tools for increased productivity plus a variety of peripherals to choose from.

Upselling Built-In

The POS system guides employees through a simple up-selling process aiding in increased revenue by maximising the purchasing potential for each individual customer. Put your upselling on auto-pilot with minimal training and continuous ease of use.

Restaurant POS System Features

Everything you need with space to expand.

Our Full-Service POS System is ideal for establishments in need of efficient service.
See a detailed overview of functions, add-on services/hardware, and quick-service features below.

Standard Functions

Loaded with innovative features for restaurant owners.

Time Management

Save time and better manage your employees. Clocking in, access levels and more.

Table Outline & Management

Custom floor plans, paging, table status notifications, reservations, and more.

Extensive Reporting

Advanced reporting at your fingertips. View audits, sales averages, voids, tips, sales mixes and more.

Menu Management

Make lightning fast changes to both your in-house and online ordering menu.

Smart Tax

Smart tax allows changing tax on top of the same item when ordered with food.

QuickBooks Integration

Eradicate double-data-entry mistakes, decrease accounting time, and centralize reconciliations.

Employee Compensation Management

Linking compensation to performance encourages employees to increase productivity.

Beverage Requirements

Effortlessly manage all of your restaurant's beverage requirements.

100+ Reports

No matter what you need to see and analyze, there's a report for that.

Add-On Services & Hardware

Build the exact system your restaurant needs.

Tablet & Bluetooth Receipt Printer

Optimize your order flow with the freedom to print remotely.

Options for Online Orders

Expand your capabilities to include online ordering without managing 2 systems.

Card at Table Accommodations

Benefit from higher table turns, less waiting for customers, and higher tips.

Customer Facing 10” Monitor Display

Ensure your customer can see the details of their order to spot any mistakes and speed up payment.

Finger Print Identification

Keep better track of employees and minimize fraud.

Surveillance System

Add a surveillance system to keep track of all critical areas at your location.

Systems for Observing Kitchen

Improve operations of your kitchen giving a better experience to guest service.

Liquor Monitoring Software

Maximize your profitability with consistent pours, all with low impact.

Quick Service Features

Ensuring your restaurant runs at top speed with convenient quick-features.

Quick Combos

Create custom keys for popular combos to speed up ordering.

Phone Orders

Effortlessly accept phone orders through the same order process.

Smart Modifiers

Ability to add general modifiers that are available for all dishes, plus special modifiers only for certain dishes.

Drive Thru

Manage 1-3 window drive-thru operations efficiently, and add Handheld terminals during peak hours.

Tender Checks on the Order Screen

Track card, cash, and other types of payments. Add tender limits and validation rules.

Kitchen Video Systems

Eliminate the need for kitchen printers, reduce ticket times and expensive errors.

Bars & Night Clubs

The perfect POS solution for Bars & Night Clubs

Happy Hours + Step Further

Get increased customers at off-peak hours by offering Happy Hours specials, seamlessly integrated into the POS

Option to Store Credit Cards for Tabs

Reduce wait times and increase the average order total by allowing customers to keep tabs open at the bar.

Cash out on the Order Screen

Simplified Cash-Out process directly from the Order Screen streamlines operations.

Add-ons for Current Tabs

Configure our POS screen exactly like you need it by adding additional tabs to improve efficiency.

1 or 2 Terminal Restaurant POS Bundles

Select the right terminal bundle(s) for your restaurant.

1 Terminal Bundle

2 Terminal Bundle

Add-On Restaurant POS System Peripherals

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10" LCD Tablet

Includes: Windows Embedded Standard 7, WIFI, Bluetooth, Battery, Hand Strap
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Bluetooth Receipt Printer

A True Companion for Mobile Solutions

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Card at Table

higher table turns, less waiting

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2-Line Caller ID

Capable of both inbound and outbound Caller ID capture.

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Online Ordering / Click4Meal

Expand your customer base and accept orders online

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Customer Pole Display

convenient price display for customers

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Finger Print Recognition

improved tracking of employee logons

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Barcode Scanner

Mounted and handheld operation

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Back-Office Workstation

Includes: PC Monitor, PC Tower, Keyboard

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Gift Card Module

accept giftcards as tender

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Cash Drawer

add a cash drawer to additional terminals

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Remote Order Printer

print receipts from handheld or remote terminals

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Liquor Monitor Software

consistent pours with low impact

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Kitchen Video System

optimize the order process and eliminate errors

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8 or 16 Camera Surveillance

monitor business critical locations

Restaurant POS System Hardware Specs

See the detailed specifications of the POS System

Restaurant POS Terminal

14″ Touchscreen Monitor

Integrated Credit Card Reader

Integrated Receipt Printer

Cash Drawer

13.8″ W x 13.8″ D x 3.2″ H


17.64″ W x 8.85″ D x 2.01″ H

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